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A fun game of Khasino with friends and family:

We have been playing this game in our homes, at school, varsity and even during lunch breaks at work, it is played different is South Africa compared to countries with the similar game such as Swaziland, Lesotho etc.

and yes, we spell it like that.

This Blog

We will use this blog to share our lessons, ideas and challenges during development.

We are hoping to assist other upcoming developers and entrepreneurs by sharing our failures, success and challenges.

The blog will engage followers as it talks about things like the rules, translating some of the jargon used in Khasino and discussing key features of the game.

Your input

The platform is created to also help us learn and design this game to match the high caliper that it deserves, we will also engage you during our video plays, where we will have players playing live while explaining some of the moves.

For more info visit our facebook page

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Mlusi Xolo
Mlusi Xolo
Sep 11, 2022

Game on

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